8a098b88ea68e3b04d7aee8302d7e36fOur technicians undergo rigorous background checks and proficiency checks. We only hire local technicians and we back up our repairs for a period of 1 year with our Parts and Service Warranty. For over 38 years we have provided service to many of America’s largest metro areas. We perform thousands of repairs each and every year. Our Rapid Response service can have a qualified technician to you the same day, sometimes within hours. Whether you need your Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Stove, Oven or any major appliance repaired, we have the experienced technicians for the job.

At Repair Bargain, we offer superior service.

• Reach A Live Operator 855-260-6004

• Online Appointment Setting Available 24/7

• Competitive Pricing

• Rapid Response Service for a small additional fee

• Free Service Call With Repair

• One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee


  • Not cooling
  • Not freezing
  • Ice building up
  • Leaking water
  • Stopped making ice

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Refrigerator repair

Stoves & Ovens

  • Pilot light won’t light or stay lit
  • Won’t heat up
  • Small flame
  • Smell gas
  • Igniter won’t stop clicking

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Stove and Oven repair

Washer & Dryers

  • Won’t spin
  • Timer won’t advance
  • Washer won’t fill with water
  • Dryer won’t get hot
  • Dryer is hot but isn’t drying

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Washer Repair

Dryer Repair

Heating & Air

  • Not heating
  • Not cooling
  • Pilot light won’t light or stay lit
  • Leaks around the furnace

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HVAC repair