Repair Bargain Washer Repair

A Bargain has performed tens of thousands of Washer and Dryer repairs over the course of 20+ years. No matter the brand, make, or model year, we are your washing machine repair experts. In many cases we can schedule an appointment for you the same day, and most of the time the part is on the truck. We understand that if your Washer will not spin or your Dryer does not heat or your Washer leaks and your noisy dryer is driving you crazy or worse yet the washer will not run and the dryer is getting too hot. Or what if your washer is shaking or noisy and your dryer will not shut off. For help with any or all of your aggravating symptoms Just call (877) 365-8930 for an appointment, or if you prefer, you can schedule an on line appointment via our calendar. You can pick the time and day for your appointment, and we will verify with you the day before . For the best, most efficient Washer and Dryer Repair, you can count on A Bargain. All Brands…All Models…All the time!